Wafer Thinning

The wafer backside cracks and chip-outs shown above and below were caused by stress relief during sawing and are characteristic of very fast, low cost grinding.


CHIPS' thinning process induces less stress in the wafer as opposed to standard backgrinding, which stress analysis indicates may induce stress over 70% of the wafer.  Wafers thinned for CHIPS feature lower stress levels allowing for higher yields.

Available finishes are #350-#2000.  Limitations on standard thin is 152.4 microns (6 mils) for 6" and 8" wafers, both bumped and non-bumped.  TTV is typically 0.6 microns.

  • Yields are higher because there is less cracking and chipping.

  • CHIPS' prices are very competitive.

  • We handle both low and high volume orders.  One week turn is standard and 3 days is available excluding weekends and holidays.

  • Minimum lot sizes apply.