Visual Inspection

CHIPSí highly trained inspectors can provide bare die visually screened to MIL-STD 883, MIL-STD 750, to your SCD, or our universally accepted Commercial OP09, OP20, and in-house specifications as well as customer specifications.

CHIPS has added high resolution video on its semi-automatic pickers, allowing commercial inspection to be performed on certain devices at the pick and place level. 

The CHIPS 2010EVIS semi-automatic inspection system combines high-resolution video with high quality optics and a computer controlled micro-stepping linear motion table. 

Highlights include: 

  • Magnification range of 50 to 1500X.

  • Capable of clearly viewing line widths to 0.18 microns. 

  • System programs are written to index through various magnified partitioned views of the die. 

  • Ability to map visual defects by type and provide paredo or histogram information. 

  • Color frame capture in digital formats suitable for e-mail, allowing rapid problem resolution. 

  • Die size, die features or anomaly size can be measured directly on screen.